Wedderspoon October Newsletter

October Newsletter

October always puts you in the mood for sweet treats, pumpkin carving, and spooky stories. One of the best ways to enjoy some tasty snacks is to create your own homemade delights. Honey is a great sweetener to use in recipes that can also be a little healthier. Wedderspoon’s Organic Wild Rata Honey is an excellent choice to pair with the Pecan Squares, which will melt in your mouth and impress any guests that come knocking on your door this Halloween. Rata honey is mild and not too sweet, so it will complement the recipe. It is a rare and special honey, due to the fact that Southern Rata only flowers every three or so years. These vines or trees provide brilliant red flowers that carpet the South Island of New Zealand providing spectators with a view similar to when the leaves on the trees change during the Fall season.

Another easy way to provide warmth and ambiance for guests who travel to your home for Trick-or-Treat or a Halloween party, is to add candles to your decor. The Organic Manuka Beeswax candle by Wedderspoon will not only help to set the mood in your house but also prove to be healthier than the typical parafin candle you would find at the store. As Cal Orey the author of The Healing Powers of Honey explains, “When beeswax candles are burned they not only provide a natural floral scent, but also make negative ions that remove toxins and impurities from the air.” Place our candles on a pretty table setting or even inside your carved Jack-O-Lanterns to provide healthy air and fun decorations. Trick-or-Treat!!

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