Featuring Honey Dippers from Knot Boards – Perfect for Holiday Entertaining


With the holidays rapidly approaching, many of us like to entertain at home. What better way to spruce up you usual Thanksgiving or Christmas table settings than with a beautiful hand crafted honey dipper to go along with your Wedderspoon Organic honey. Honey dippers look perfect on a small serving platter next to a honey pot or for everyday use! Our honey dippers are where beauty meets function – dunk the honey dipper in the honey, remove it, hold it at a slight tilted angle and twirl the dipper over whatever you would like to add your honey to, so the honey drips slowly off the dipper. You can clean the dipper in a cup of warm tea or keep in in your honey pot or jar for its next use! Our dippers are hand crafted from a variety of recycled wood including oak and cherry and are available in three different styles. They are handmade in the USA by Knot Boards from chemical free, non-treated hardwood and are specially shaped to fit all Wedderspoon Organic honey jars.

For more information on all of our gorgeous honey dippers see our website at: http://www.wedderspoon.com/shop/Hand-Crafted-Honey-Dippers/

Be sure to check out all of Knot Board’s other handcrafted offerings at: www.knotboards.com

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