New Year’s Resolution List

After weeks of overindulging, I thought it best to start out the new year on the right foot — including these healthful, effective (and delicious) honeys and body care products in your new year should be just what you need to look and feel your best! Enjoy!


100% Raw Gourmet Wild Dandelion Honey (150 g)

This bright yellow, raw, unpasteurized Wild Dandelion Honey in a new, perfect-for-entertaining size delivers a strong, tangy zing of rich flavor! Sourced from the pastoral grazing country of the remote mountainous regions of New Zealand’s South Island, this high quality, thick honey is harvested from uncultivated dandelions. Dandelion honey has been shown to keep your digestive system, liver and kidneys in healthy working condition – especially important after a few too many New Year’s Eve cocktails! Get the yum here.


100% Raw Gourmet Rata Honey (150 g)

Rata honey is wonderfully aromatic and has a very unique taste. It contains live enzymes, minerals and vitamins, making it a tasty super food, perfect for displays with cheeses but also healthy enough to merit a spot on your ‘New Year’s Resolution’ diet!

Our Rata honey is sourced from the protected Rata tree found in New Zealand’s National Forests. The tree only flowers once every 2 years, making Rata an extremely rare honey. Get it here.

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Face Contour Cream with Manuka Honey and Bee Venom

When late nights take a toll on your skin, this savior of a face cream will come to the rescue! It contains an exotic blend of 70% organically certified ingredients including premium bee venom, rare New Zealand organic manuka active (OMA) 16+ honey and natural botanical oils. The manuka helps hydrate and the bee venom is responsible for increasing blood flow, leaving skin radiant and supple. Shop here.


Queen of the Hive Manuka Honey and Oatmeal Soap

After a night (or a few weeks) of excess, treat yourself and your senses to a bath featuring our oatmeal and manuka honey soap – a product which combines the moisturizing qualities of goat’s milk, Organic Manuka Honey active 12+ + organic oatmeal. Buy yours here.



No Better Time to Try – Greek Fir Honey


When it comes to rare honeys, Greek Fir honey is one of the best. This incredibly smooth, amber-colored honey, sourced from the cool high elevation forests of central Greece, conjures up images of Grecian feasts and grand pairings of savory cheese and wine. Fortunately for us, the Greeks aren’t the only ones lucky enough to enjoy this distinctive honey! Produced from bees feeding on aromatic Fir trees, Greek Fir honey is full-bodied and bursting with clean floral and delicate toffee flavors. As a honeydew, this honey never crystallizes and is perfectly pourable; we love it drizzled over thick creamy Greek yogurt, served with tangy, sharp cheeses or spread on our morning toast. Fir honey is naturally rich in iron and calcium, vitamins, minerals and oligosaccharides, (natural prebiotics that encourage healthy digestion). As with all of our honeys, our Greek Fir honey is pesticide free, antibiotic free and chemical free!

There has never been a better time to try our Greek Fir honey – Greek Fir honey is 20% off right now! Also, receive a free handcrafted wooden honey dipper from Knotboards with every purchase of our Greek Fir honey!

Also, we are offering an additional 15% off all website orders from December 12 – 24th as our gift to you!

Antioxidant-rich Thyme Honey Beauty Treatment


If you’re anything like me, these winter months aren’t just hard on your mood but on your skin as well. My sensitive skin tends to suffer the consequences of cold, blustery days by becoming dry and lackluster. When I told my coworker Lizzie here at Wedderspoon Organic (look for her employee spotlight soon!) about my predicament, she suggested this deliciously moisturizing face mask made with our Wedderspoon Gold Organic Thyme Honey, cinnamon, orange and sugar to brighten my dull winter face (and mood)!


-1 T of Wedderspoon Gold Organic Thyme Honey

a natural antibacterial and moisturizing agent, this ingredient helps clear up acne breakouts and can even be used as a spot treatment on its own 

-1/4 tsp cinnamon

a natural antifungal and antioxidant. Great for exfoliation and plumping too!

-1/4 tsp sugar (preferably organic)

wonderful exfoliating properties

-splash of the juice of an orange

 chock full of vitamin C, this ingredient asks like a serum to brighten skin and fade scars


Mix together ingredients, rinse skin with warm water and dry, layer mixture generously on face/skin, let sit for 15-20 minutes, and rinse with cool water.

This mask is gentle enough to use two to three times per week or anytime you need a citrusy boost for dewy, beautiful skin.

What’s all the buzz about manuka honey and bee venom? Wedderspoon reveals why these are key ingredients in Queen of the Hive

edible facial

It did not take long for Queen of the Hive Face Contour Cream to prove its weight in golden honey goodness. It contains not just any honey but rather the crème de la crème of anti-bacterial, healing, skin-soothing honeys—organic manuka honey.

Lately, only select creams are my friends. I can not use many of them successfully due to the assortment of other ingredients that are necessary to bind the oils to water in the formula and to give the product a longer shelf life. These are often fillers and preservatives that don’t always work well for sensitive or inflamed skin types. Since my skin tends to erupt like the Old Faithful Geyser in Yellowstone National Park, it was kinda a big deal when Queen of the Hive not only eased my troubles, it also felt really soothing and healing when applied to my skin.

Another happy discovery was learning that…

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Holiday Giveaway featuring Queen of the Hive by Wedderspoon

I have partnered up with Queen of the Hive by Wedderspoon to bring you one very amazing Holiday Giveaway!

The Queen of the Hive line features Wedderspoon’s own, magical raw active Manuka Honey. This highly effective natural line of skin care are staples in personal routine. I am thrilled for this chance to offer up a very generous giveaway from Queen of the Hive for US readers. One very lucky winner will receive a Face Contour Cream (as I raved about here), a peppermint and Manuka Honey lip balm, and a Manuka Honey and Oatmeal soap.


A warm thank you to all of you.

Happy Holidays and Good Luck!

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