No Better Time to Try – Greek Fir Honey


When it comes to rare honeys, Greek Fir honey is one of the best. This incredibly smooth, amber-colored honey, sourced from the cool high elevation forests of central Greece, conjures up images of Grecian feasts and grand pairings of savory cheese and wine. Fortunately for us, the Greeks aren’t the only ones lucky enough to enjoy this distinctive honey! Produced from bees feeding on aromatic Fir trees, Greek Fir honey is full-bodied and bursting with clean floral and delicate toffee flavors. As a honeydew, this honey never crystallizes and is perfectly pourable; we love it drizzled over thick creamy Greek yogurt, served with tangy, sharp cheeses or spread on our morning toast. Fir honey is naturally rich in iron and calcium, vitamins, minerals and oligosaccharides, (natural prebiotics that encourage healthy digestion). As with all of our honeys, our Greek Fir honey is pesticide free, antibiotic free and chemical free!

There has never been a better time to try our Greek Fir honey – Greek Fir honey is 20% off right now! Also, receive a free handcrafted wooden honey dipper from Knotboards with every purchase of our Greek Fir honey!

Also, we are offering an additional 15% off all website orders from December 12 – 24th as our gift to you!

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