Why We Love Our New, Gourmet Beechwood Honey

beechwood and cheese

After carefully drizzling Wedderspoon Organic’s newest gourmet raw Beechwood honey onto my granola this morning, I thought to pay homage to one of my favorite honeys in the way of a blog post! Like our raw Greek Fir honey, Beechwood honey is a honeydew, which means it comes from the sap produced from trees (in this case Beechwood) and then collected by bees. This dark amber honey has a consistency perfect for drizzling over seasonal fruits, pancakes or with your morning’s Greek yogurt. The new 150g jar is just the right size to feature on cheese plates as honey softens cheeses’ bitterness and enhances its natural sweetness; try Beechwood with goat or blue cheese for the a unique, rich flavor pairing. Not only is this pourable, aromatic honey delicious, Beechwood honey also contains high levels of antioxidants and is known as a prebiotic which works in synergy with probiotics (think yogurt) to maintain healthy flora in the gut, essential for optimal health. As our new raw gourmet specialty honeys are now 20%, you can go ahead and try them all here! For more information on cheese pairings and how to create the perfect cheese plate with honey, check out Life and Cheese. Source: http://lifeandcheese.com/tag/cutting-chese/

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