Honey Combinations for Soft, Supple Skin


Harsh winter conditions can wreak havoc on your skin. Thankfully, we here at Wedderspoon Organic have your back. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite DIY remedies featuring our favorite raw honeys to help combat dry, dull skin. Roll up your sleeves and pull back your hair for these fun and easy recipes that are sure to leave your skin supple, smooth and glowing.

Try all the variations of these honey masks using these simple directions:

Place the honey and other ingredients in a small bowl and mix together well. (Store in a jar with an airtight lid if not using immediately.)

TO USE: Wash face well. Apply a small amount of scrub (about ½ t.) to wet skin and massage gently in a circular motion. Avoid eye area. Leave on for 5 – 15 minutes. Rinse face well and pat dry.


Ulmo honey with Rose essential oil drops and cane sugar

Ulmo honey – We love using Ulmo honey because its therapeutic properties cleanse the pores, leaving you with a deeply clean feeling.

Rose essential oil – This dreamy-smelling essential oil is known to tighten the pores and deeply hydrate.

Cane sugar – Our skin drinks up cane sugar, it loves it! It’s also incredibly softening! The cane sugar melts into the skin after it buffs away dead skin cells.


Organic Thyme Honey (20% off now!) with Lavender essential oil drops and fine sea salt

Thyme honey – We have found that our Thyme honey is an amazing addition to our skincare regimen. Its properties work wonders on problem skin! Check out our sale here!

Lavender essential oil – Working in synergy with the thyme honey, lavender essential oil clears away impurities. Lavender essential oil’s lovely aroma also dilutes thyme’s pungent scent while calming the skin (and you!).

Fine sea salt – This gentle exfoliator mixes perfectly into thyme’s thick texture, leaving skin soft and purified.


Organic Beechwood honey with brown sugar

Beechwood honey – This delicious, golden-brown honey is very softening and repairing to the skin due to its unique Beechwood enzymes.

Brown sugar – Nourishing, aromatic and a wonderful soft exfoliator, brown sugar works in conjunction with the Beechwood honey to leave your skin supple and refreshed.




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