Summer Honey Love — Our Spicy Honey Vinaigrette

As the days get longer and our schedules fill with outdoor outings, barbecues and vacations, I find myself returning to my tried and true recipes to please the masses – the ones whose pages in my recipe book are stained and crumpled with years of enjoyment and satisfaction. This year though, I promised to mix it up a bit. Rather than relying on my old standbys (delicious as they may be) I sought out a few new kitchen creations to rejuvenate my tired summer-time repertoire. I’ll be sharing the findings here with you on the blog, all featuring our raw honeys, of course.

Consider this the first of the installment of #summerhoneylove! 

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Wedderspoon April Recipe1

Wedderspoon April Recipe2

From Manuka to Rata, New Zealand Knows Honey

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Mention New Zealand and an image of a far away land replete with pristine beaches, luscious green mountains and glimpses of Maori culture emerges. Across its gorgeous 270,534 square km, New Zealand boasts some of the world’s most impressive landscapes for those seeking the tranquility and remoteness of an island paradise combined with a booming tourism industry focused on cool-climate wineries, prolific seafood offerings and outdoor excursions. Hidden in its secluded, mountainous locales is yet another of New Zealand’s best kept secrets, honey.am2 - Copy

New Zealand boasts some of the world’s rarest and highest quality honeys. Ranging from the potent Manuka to the indulgent Rata, New Zealand’s honey is as healthy as it is delicious. Though Manuka honey receives the lion’s share of attention, Rata honey, indigenous to New Zealand’s South Island, deserves praise of its own.


Our Organic Rata Honey is sourced from the protected Rata tree (Southern rata, Metrosideros umbellata), found in New Zealand’s National Forests. The tree only flowers from early January to March once every 2 years, which makes Rata an extremely rare and fine honey. It has a thick, creamy consistency perfect for drizzling over strawberries or other fruits and adds depth of character to cheese plate pairings. This white-colored honey has a wonderfully rich aroma and a very unique taste. It contains live enzymes, minerals and vitamins, making it a tasty super food.


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