Treat Your Mom – Courtesy of Wedderspoon

Wedderspoon April 16

As a new mom, Mother’s Day has taken on different meaning for me this year. In the past I’ve bought the obligatory flower/card combination for my own amazing mother and though I indeed wanted to honor her, I didn’t fully realize the importance of the day before embarking on my own journey in motherhood.

More than just one day, May 10 is a symbol —  a tribute to the overwhelming and profound love a mother has for her child. It signifies countless nights awake rocking my own girl to sleep, a thousand shared giggles and fierce hugs through tears because sometimes, only mama will do.

Wedderspoon wishes to honor, pamper and indulge all the mothers in our lives with this year’s Mother’s Day Spa Package. It includes our 100% Raw Organic Manuka Honey 12+, our Organic Peppermint Lip Balm with Manuka Honey and Peppermint and your choice of either Manuka Honey and Oatmeal Soap or Manuka Honey with Tea Tree Soap. As always, we promise to provide the highest quality honey and honey products, especially on your mom’s special day.

Shop the sale for 20% off this beautiful package here.

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