Giving Barbecue a New Spin

After searching high and low for the perfect gift for dad, we came to the conclusion that the best gifts are experiences rather than things. What better way to celebrate the fathers in our lives than with handcrafted, delectable barbecue enjoyed in the company of loved ones? Lucky for us, we will be doing just that this weekend! If you’re in the area of southeastern P.A., please join us to kick off barbecue season on Father’s Day for the Rodale Institute’s Grills Gone Wild Event, Sunday June 21 from 12-4 at the Rodale Institute! 


In honor of fathers everywhere, we wanted to create two one-of-a-kind recipes to satisfy everyone this father’s day weekend. Created with love and featuring our 100% raw gourmet specialty honeys, consider these recipes our gift to you. Take advantage of our sale on all gourmet specialty honeys in 150g size now! 


Check out our recipes below and don’t forget to share with the hashtag #summerhoneylove!





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