Buzzy Excitement at Natural Products Expo East


Our team is still reeling from the excitement of another successful exhibition at Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore, Maryland this past week. Though inquisitive exhibit-goers kept us busy behind our booth, we made sure to sneak away and do a few loops around the exhibit floor to check out the latest trends in the natural products market. From cashew nut cheeses and coffee-flavored Kombucha to compostable coffee pods and chocolate protein cake batter, we were inundated with Non-GMO, organic goodness at every turn.


More than just buzzy excitement and inspiration, Expo always proves to be a perfect way to meet potential customers and create relationships with like-minded people we wouldn’t be exposed to otherwise. One of the highlights of our trip this year was connecting in person with the team at the Non-GMO project. As the first provider of Non-GMO Manuka honey in North America, we are thrilled to be participating in some new initiatives the Non-GMO project has in store for this year. Make sure you follow Wedderspoon and the Non-GMO Project on social media for our latest updates, news and collaborations!

We are also proud to share our new website revamp with you all! Peruse our newest sales and products and give us your feedback!

In Honor of Rosh Hashanah – Apple Honey Muffins

Honey Muffins

Symbolic of the sweet year we hope will be provided us, apples dipped in honey is evocative of Rosh Hashanah and serves as one of the most well known food customs associated with the holiday. We created these Apple Honey muffins with the hope and beauty of the New Year in mind. We hope you enjoy them!

Apple Honey Muffins

3 TB Apple Sauce

2 TB Honey

2 Eggs

1 Cup Oat Flour

1 TB Almond Butter

2 oz Almond Milk

1/4 tsp vanilla

Pinch of salt

1/2 Baking soda

1 tsp Cinnamon

honey muffins

Apple Topping

1 apple

1 tb Manuka Honey

1 tsp Coconut oil

1/2 tsp coconut flour


Mix all muffin ingredients together and pour into muffin molds

Bake for 20min at 350

Peel or chop apple and mix topping ingredients microwave for 20-30 sec

Let muffins cool and serve with apple topping


A Change In Season – Blueberry Cream French Toast Roll Ups

blueberry cream french toast

Now that we’ve officially said goodbye to summer we’ve set our sights on fall. As we turn the corner and see crisp days replace the heat, we want our food choices to reflect the changing mood and season. September also brings the return of school and routine, which sometimes leaves us wishing we were back in the carefree days of summer vacation. So with the intention of providing you with some morning sweetness and a reason switch off the snooze button, we’ve concocted a new recipe for Blueberry Cream French Toast Rollups with Manuka Honey! Healthy enough to feed your whole family but decadent enough to make mornings feel special, these reimagined French toast rollups will have your whole household appreciating the cooler weather.

As a Back to School special, we are offering 20% off on our Manuka on the Go, convenient and perfectly sized for travel, lunch boxes or anywhere you need an energy boost!

blueberry cream french toast 3

Blueberry Cream French Toast Rollups with Manuka Honey 

3 slices of whole wheat bread

1/4 cup blueberries

3 tablespoons fat free cream cheese

1tablespoon manuka honey

1/2 tablespoon coconut oil

1 egg + 1 egg white

1 oz milk ( we used cashew milk )



1/4 teaspoon vanilla

blueberry cream french toast 1

blueberry cream french toast 2


Place bread on wax paper, fold wax paper over bread and use a rolling pin to flatten. Works best with crust cut off.

In a small bowl microwave cream cheese with blueberries for 10-15 sec and mix together.

Place mixture along the width of each slice of bread.

In a separate bowl mix egg, egg while, milk and vanilla.

Roll up bread from the bottom and soak in egg wash.

Heat a pan within stick spray or coconut oil.

Place each roll up in the pan with the ending of the roll face down, securing the roll as it cooks. Allow to cook on each side.

Spread a thin layer of coconut oil or coconut spray on each and roll in the stevia and cinnamon mix.

Serve with Manuka honey on top, ENJOY!