Bring On The Sun – How to Shine this Season with Wedderspoon

With summer rapidly approaching and warmer weather on the horizon, we wanted to outline a few of our favorite ways to look and feel your best. These tried and true tips will leave you perfectly primed for whatever this season throws your way!

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Taking a cue from Tracy Anderson, we love to add manuka honey to our water for hydration, a quick energy boost and to keep our skin healthy! Shop our KFactor 16 in 325g here. 


Though Vitamin D is necessary for health, overexposure can lead to sunburn and premature skin aging. Take care of your skin by using organic and mineral sunscreens or covering up. You only need about 10 minutes of midday sun to get your daily dose of the vitamin so use that umbrella for the rest of your time outdoors!

Time to break out the flip flops and shorts! Created with our favorite ingredients to exfoliate dry skin, this clean concoction will leave you with soft, glowing skin that smells divine!  Shop our Fir honey 325g here.


After exfoliating, we make sure to slather on our favorite body lotion to lock in hydration. Our picks are always made with organic ingredients without any of the unnecessary toxic stuff!


Here at Wedderspoon we’ve been working on new product launches that are sure to please all of our natural-minded fans out there! Check back on within the month of April to see exactly what we have up our sleeve!

Frosty Meets Healthy – Manuka Blend Pops with Raspberries and Vanilla

Weddersppon August Pops1-2

When summer heats up and time runs short, it’s easy to make poor food choices for the sake of convenience. Thankfully, this recipe for Manuka Blend Pops with Raspberries and Vanilla proves that ‘easy’ and ‘healthy’ can share the same space in the kitchen. We whipped up these icy treats in record time using only the freshest ingredients; our 100% Raw Manuka Blend adds a sweet taste and health benefits to boot while raspberries and chocolate chips create a varied flavor profile that little ones and gourmet foodies alike are bound to love.

Create your own popsicle variations with our 100% Raw Manuka Blend, on sale now for 20% off! Don’t forget to share your recipe photos with the hashtag #summerhoneylove @wedderspoonorganicusa!

(Recipe yields three pops)

Wedderspoon August Pops 2
Place four grams of the Manuka Blend in the bottom of each popsicle mold with 15 grams of fresh raspberries.
Mix 6 oz plain Greek yogurt with 1 tablespoon Manuka Blend and 1/4tsp vanilla extract and 1 tablespoon of organic can sugar.
Place 2 oz of mixture in each mold.
Sprinkle 4 grams of chocolate chips in each mold and freeze.

Voila! Pops should be frozen overnight and enjoyed within a week for freshest taste.